About BTSD

Mission Statement 

The Byram Township Board of Education is dedicated to prepare students to be life-long learners with high self-esteem, strong interpersonal skills, and social values in an environment that encourages them to reach their full potential. 
To support this vision, the Board of Education promises: 

To the Children:

 We will provide a learning environment that utilizes curricula and technologies of the highest standard, fosters creativity, recognizes that each child learns differently and promotes physical development and emotional well-being.

 To the Staff:

 We will provide visionary leadership and an atmosphere that:
 Supports professional development; Acknowledges accomplishments; 
Encourages open two-way communication & Allocates district resources equitably.

To the Parents:

 We will recognize our partnership role and create a welcoming environment of open, two-way communication and participation.

 To the Community:

 We will become a leading district in the field of elementary education that utilizes sound financial management and fiscal responsibility.